This two-day, evidenced based, laboratory intensive course will focus on teaching a historically useful manual therapy technique, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF).  The course introduces PNF as a manual therapy and exercise intervention technique to address common pathologies of both upper and lower extremities.  The course is intended to provide the clinician with the skill to rehabilitate the patient with a hands-on, integrative approach. This will be accomplished through a combination of lecture, demonstration, and significant lab time. The structured sessions are aimed at emphasizing important concepts in neurophysiology and motor learning to improve neuromuscular control in orthopedic patients.  Mastery of these techniques requires a solid foundation in basic anatomy and the pathomechanics of the shoulder and hip.  Attendees will learn useful terminology, basic procedures, and techniques.

Participants will learn to successfully apply PNF techniques in a manner that each patient-centered session is both therapeutic intervention and assessment or evaluation.  The clinician will learn to develop and sequence a dynamic treatment plan incorporating PNF techniques that can be used for conservative and post-operative approaches.  Current clinical evidence supports the combination of these treatments when properly performed and prescribed by a skilled clinician.  Strategies for documentation and coding will also be covered.


This is an intermediate level course.

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Course Dates & Locations

    Educational Credit

    A certificate of attendance for 15 Contact Hourswill be awarded to each participant. All Therapy Network Seminars are pre‐approved for CEUs in the state where the course is conducted when required for PT, OT, ATs & Assistants.

    Therapy Network, Inc. (BOC AP#: P2563) is approved by the Board of Certification, Inc. to provide continuing education to Certified Athletic Trainers. Our seminars are eligible for a maximum of 15 Category A hours/CEUs. ATs should claim only those hours actually spent in the educational program.

    AOTA Approved Provider of Continuing Education # 3073 Category 1 Domain of OT. The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsements of specific course content, products, or clinical procedures by AOTA


    This course is intended for PTs, PTAs, OTs, OTAs and ATs

    NOTE: Nothing in this course is to enable or permit the learner to apply techniques outside of the scope of practice in their individual state and discipline.


    • Demonstrate an understanding of the PNF concept and the neurophysiology behind the PNF principles
    • Identify foundational principles of exercise and physiological adaptation. Correctly explain and differentiate motor learning, strength, power, hypertrophy, and endurance
    • Demonstrate clinical skills to determine a patient’s neuromuscular ability and select appropriate PNF therapy interventions based on understanding of anatomy and pathology in conjunction with patient responses
    • Perform basic PNF manual therapy techniques to facilitate neuromuscular control and improve patient recovery
    • Identify appropriate PNF terms for documentation and CPT coding for charges

    Participants Comments

    • "Terrific application of neuro techniques to the orthopedic population"
    • "Really liked the integration of these concepts to therapeutic exercise"
    • "John is an outstanding instructor. He put this information together in spot on clinical examples and in the hands on demonstrations."
    • "I left this course knowing how to integrate 100% of the content in my practice. Great instructor"
    • "The hands on labs paired nicely with the lecture component. This guy really knows his stuff. He kept my attention and interest throughout the weekend. Thank you Sir"


    • Day 1

      8:00 Registration and Continental Breakfast
      8:30 Integrating the Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal System: A philosophy of rehabilitation for restoring
      function and its clinical implications
      8:45 Case Study I
      9:00 Review of the Nervous System
      Motor Cortex
      - Organization
      - Overflow
      Brochman’s Area (visual/verbal inputs)
      Spinal Cord
      Autogenic Inhibition
      Reciprocal Inhibition
      10:00 BREAK
      10:15 Basic Principles and Procedures
      Application of Resistance
      Neural Overflow/Irradiation
      Manual Contact
      Patient and Therapist Body Position
      Verbal Commands
      Traction & Approximation
      10:45 PNF Techniques
      Rhythmic Initiation
      Hold Relax
      Contract Relax
      Dynamic Reversals
      Stabilizing Reversals
      Rhythmic Stabilization
      Summarizing Techniques and Their Goals
      11:15 Choosing Your Technique
      Using principles not protocols for progressions
      12:00 Lunch (On your own)
      1:00 LAB: Introducing the Patterns - Upper Extremity
      Demonstration and Practice Lab
      Wrist & Hand
      3:00 BREAK
      3:15 LAB: Introducing the Patterns - Lower Extremity
      Demonstration and Practice Lab
      Gait & Trunk
      5:30 Questions and Adjourn
    • Day 2

      8:00 Shoulder Case Studies
      Facilitation of the elbow, wrist, and hand
      Scapular Motion
      9:00 Elbow Case Studies
      UCL Injuries
      Biceps Rupture
      10:00 BREAK
      10:15 Wrist & Hand Complex Case Studies
      10:45 Hip Case Studies
      Hip Flexor Injuries
      Hamstring Injuries
      Adductor/Groin Injuries
      11:00 Knee Case Studies
      12:00 Lunch (On your own)
      1:00 LAB: Where to start… How to finish…Upper Extremity
      Demonstration & Practice Lab
      2:30 BREAK
      2:45 LAB: Lower Extremity
      Demonstration & Practice Lab
      4:15 Variations of the techniques
      Knee Flexion vs. Extension
      Elbow Flexion vs. Extension
      Creating Functional Patterns
      4:30 Treatment Planning and Clinical Pearls: Putting it all together
      5:00 Questions and Adjourn

    Cancellation Policy

    Registration fee less a $75 administrative charge is refundable if cancellation received 14 days prior to program date. No refunds will be given after that time. Therapy Network, Inc. reserves the right to cancel a seminar and will refund in full the registration fee only. TNI is NOT responsible for registrants nonrefundable airfare, accommodations or fees.