Dr. Leonard is a nationally recognized therapy speaker in the areas of Medicare regulations, administrative processes, billing and coding and outpatient therapy compliance.  She has given many presentations at the APTA PPS Annual Conference, CSM and numerous continuing education conferences around the country. She has received multiple awards for her teaching skills and believes that a little humor makes dry subjects much more palatable.  Often written in course evaluations, “I expected dry and boring, but got engaging and fun instead and information I can take home and use.”

Dr. Leonard believes in lifelong learning and recently received her certification in Healthcare Compliance by the Healthcare Compliance Certification Board.  She also completed her transitional DPT in 2017 from the University of Montana.  She holds a certificate in Lean Healthcare from Belmont University, Massey Graduate School of Business.

As an active APTA member since 1986, she believes that all therapists should be involved in their professional associations.  She has served in multiple roles at both the National and State level.  She is currently on the APTA SC Payment and Policy Committee, the Chair of the APTA PPS Program Work Group and serves on the Billing and Payment Expert Panel for the APTA.

Dr. Leonard has had a variety of experiences in the rehabilitation industry and brings real life experience in both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation and administrative service settings.  When asked what she does for a living, she will jokingly tell you – “I help people get paid correctly and try to keep people out of hot water.” Both are necessary for outpatient therapy owners and practitioners.