Soft tissue pain at the elbow remains a challenging clinical problem for therapists. While the problems of both medial and lateral tendinopathy have gained increased attention, resolution of these issues remain problematic. Further differential assessment of muscle overload from tendinopathy remains difficult. This webinar presents an introduction to physical examination techniques designed to reduce confusion and improve the ability to assess tendon versus ligament issues. Subsequent treatment concepts are presented to improve exercise and activity modification prescription.

Level of Instruction:  Intermediate

Course Objectives

  • Identify the basis of elbow soft tissue pathology and development of elbow pain.
  • Identify the mechanisms of soft tissue overload resulting in elbow pain.
  • Identify the relationship between peripheral sensitization and the development of elbow pain
  • Identify exercise prescription based on these concepts
  • Identify and present the state of evidence to support this area of practice

Course Agenda

  • 8:00 – Review of elbow mechanics/anatomy and the relationship to each pathology
  • 8:10 – Differential assessment of the medial elbow: Ulnar nerve/ulnar collateral ligament/medial tendinopathy
  • 8:30 – Therapeutic intervention: Medial elbow conditions
  • 8:45 – Differential assessment of the lateral elbow: Radial nerve/lateral collateral ligament/lateral tendinopathy
  • 9:00 – Therapeutic interventions: Lateral elbow
  • 9:30 – Q/A Adjourn



Clinical Assistant Professor University of New Hampshire Dept. of Occupational Therapy.  Throughout his career he has had the fortunate opportunity to work with some of the finest hand surgeons and therapists in the country having held management positions at both The University of Vermont — Fletcher Allen Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center. Additionally he has been an adjunct instructor in both the Duke University Physical Therapy Program and the Program in Occupational Science at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. Mr. Bonzani brings 21 years of clinical experience in orthopedic and industrial rehabilitation. Paul has presented nationally in the areas of biomechanics and rehabilitation of the shoulder, nerve compression syndromes, RSI/CTD management and pain syndromes. He has published on the subjects of CTD/RSI management, thumb reconstruction and management of the rheumatoid elbow. Clinical specialties include rehabilitation of the elbow and hand, chronic pain syndromes, TOS, nerve compression syndromes and neural tension disorders of the upper limb. Current research interest’s include functional outcome measures following fractures and upper quadrant sensate deficits. Paul is a clinician, researcher and educator and considered to be one of the leading hand therapists in the care of shoulder, elbow and hand injuries in North America.


Contact Hours: 1.5

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