This course will provide a framework for the rehabilitation of chronic tendon injuries, focusing on high hamstring tendinopathy and its connection to functional pelvic stability and gait.  The clinical progression and framework presented will be transferable to similar tendon injuries across multiple activities.

 Level of Instruction:  Intermediate

Course Objectives

  • Identify tissue loading objectives and progression criteria to promote healing for chronic tendon injuries.
  • Identify exercise sequence & cueing to match above criteria.
  • Develop a framework for functional movement analysis to discover deficits that are perpetuating the condition.
  • Integrate functional exercise progression into the tendon loading exercise sequence.
  • Progress weight bearing and gait to integrate efficient hamstring function.

Course Agenda

  • Pathomechanics
  • Functional Role of Hamstring: what can it do vs what should it do in gait.
  • Functional Evaluation of Gait & Stance Stabilization
  • Hamstring Loading Progression for tendon healing
  • Gait Stabilization Progression
  • Sample Exercise Progression Using a Simultaneous Two Path Approach: *Loading progression of hamstring to promote healing *Functional gait progression with stabilization of pelvis and integration of hamstring function.


  • Brian Beatty, PT, CFP

Brian Beatty, PT, CFP has over two decades of experience in private practice with a specific focus on endurance athletics. His undergraduate & physical therapy degrees are from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and he achieved his Feldenkrais Method Certification in 2006. An avid runner & cyclist himself, he regularly writes and presents on running efficiency, injury management and performance improvement. He has developed running biomechanics and injury management educational components that have been incorporated into national training programs. His passion lies in how to skillfully structure individualized learning opportunities into every patient or group interaction.


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