The purpose of this webinar is to identify shoe and foot orthotic interventions that are effective in the treatment of plantar fasciitis, ankle mortise arthritis, midfoot arthritis, hallux rigidus of the great toe, metatarsalgia and frontal plane knee arthritis either from varus or valgus loading.  We will also identify shoe wear characteristics that assist, in general, in the effort to provide shock absorption for lower extremity joints.

This is an Intermediate level course.

Course Objectives

  • Identify shoe and foot orthotic interventions that are effective in the treatment of foot, ankle and knee pathologies.
  • Identify effective stretching techniques for plantar fasciitis intervention strategies.
  • Identify shoe wear interventions that will assist with lower extremity shock absorption.

Course Agenda

  • 8:00 PM – Understanding the most effective shoes, foot orthotics, stretching techniques, and shower shoes for treating plantar fasciitis.
  • What do you look for in shoes to provide the most effective shock absorption?
  • Helping patients to eliminate the debilitating and chronic pain that comes with ankle OA, midfoot OA, and hallux rigidus.
  • How to intervene at the foot with shoes and foot orthoses to decrease knee pain that is associated with knee varus or knee valgus.
  • 9:30 PM – Q/A and Adjourn


  • Michael Gross, PT, PhD, FAPTA

Dr. Gross is currently Professor, Division of Physical Therapy and Program in Human Movement Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has taught orthopaedic course content in the DPT Physical Therapy Program and biomechanics in the PhD Program in Human Movement Science for the last 27 years. He has also taught in the athletic training and occupational therapy curricula and currently does didactic and clinical teaching in the Division of Physical Therapy’s Orthopaedic Residency Program. He has conducted an active research program with students and has over 60 refereed journal publications. He has lectured nationally and internationally on musculoskeletal tissue biomechanics, shoulder rehabilitation, lower quarter/foot/ankle rehabilitation, and fabrication of foot orthoses. Dr. Gross has been a physical therapist for 34 years and continues to see patients in the Division of Physical Therapy faculty practice.

Dr. Gross received his BA degree from Miami University (Ohio) and a BS in Physical Therapy from the University of Florida. He practiced for several years prior to receiving an advanced MS degree in Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine and a PhD in Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has received an outstanding teaching award from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine, and has been honored by the American Physical Therapy Association with the Margaret L. Moore Outstanding New Faculty Member and Catherine Worthingham Fellow awards.


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