When most clinicians hear of the pelvic floor, they think of incontinence or the geriatrics population, and many assume that if they are not directly specializing in “Women’s Health,” it could not possibly relate to their clinical practice. That assumption could not be farther from the truth! This introductory webinar aims to introduce the pelvic floor muscles to all specialties in physical and occupational therapy practice.


Course Objectives

  • Identify the role of the pelvic floor muscles in sphincteric, supportive, sexual and stabilizing functions.
  • Identify risk factors for pelvic floor muscle overactivity or underactivity problems in adult populations
  • Identify the prevalence and mechanisms for common pelvic floor related diagnoses
  • Identify common subjective and objective findings in men and women presenting with pelvic floor dysfunction
  • Identify key components of effective screening for pelvic floor dysfunction in a variety of patient populations


  • Jessica Reale PT, DPT, WCS

Jessica Reale is a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Board-Certified Specialist in Women’s Health (WCS) practicing in Atlanta, GA at One on One Physical Therapy. Dr. Reale received her DPT at Duke University and was the director of the largest pelvic floor rehabilitation program in South Carolina prior to relocating to Atlanta in 2015.

Jessica is passionate about helping her patients achieve optimal health through multifactorial treatments integrating current research in individualized treatment plans. She is passionate about working with men and women experiencing urinary, bowel and/or sexual dysfunction as well as pelvic pain. In addition, she has advanced training in working with children experiencing bladder or bowel difficulties.

Jessica is active in the American Physical Therapy Association and the Section on Women’s Health. In addition, she is passionate about educating the community and current practitioners on pelvic floor disorders and has taught seminars locally as well as presented at state-wide conferences, as adjunct faculty in physical therapy orthopedic and sports residency programs, and as a guest lecturer at the University of South Carolina’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) program.


Contact Hours: 1.5

Price: $49


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