A component of the Meeks Method, this webinar will focus on therapeutic exercise prescription, indication and contraindications of persons with osteoporosis ans spinal stenosis.  Spinal flexion exercises are contraindicated in persons with known Osteoporosis.  Spinal flexion exercises are recommended for persons with Spinal Stenosis.  Both of these conditions are frequently silent, occur throughout the populations frequently seen by Health and Exercise Professionals and also can occur together in the same patient (along with other pathology which may be unknown and silent. What would be your approach when you encounter a patient with both of these diagnoses?  This experiential webinar will explore this dilemma and present a research-supported, clinically-proven, effective approach based on The Meeks Method.  Participants will gain a unique perspective on spinal pathology and have new tools you can use in your setting the very next day.

 Level of Instruction:  Introduction


Course Objectives

  • Identify the definitions, pathology, sequelae, and epidemiology of the conditions of osteoporosis and spinal stenosis.
  • Identify the concepts and importance of body alignment in the management of both osteoporosis and spinal stenosis as well as other back pathology..
  • Identify the reasoning as to why flexion exercises for spinal stenosis do not adequately address the condition of spinal stenosis and why extension exercises do not need to be prescribed for patients with osteoporosis.
  • Identify the need for, and effect of, better body alignment for the management of both diagnoses.

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to The Meeks Method
  • Experience of functional sit-to-stand/stand-to-sit movement
  • Discussion of the management dilemmas in persons with osteoporosis and spinal stenosis
  • Presentation of the principles of The Meeks Method as treatment rationale for both diagnoses
  • Case studies



Since 1984 I have been specializing in the management of persons with osteoporosis and osteopenia. Since seeing my first patient with known osteoporosis and an acute compression fracture in 1984 and developing a successful program for that patient with no clinical pathway or treatment protocol on which to rely, I have spent my entire career focusing on the physical therapy management of people with osteoporosis. In 1996-1997, I was the director of a physical therapy clinic in which every patient I saw was diagnosed with the conditions of osteopenia and/or osteoporosis. Osteopenia and osteoporosis were the PRIMARY diagnoses of my patient population. These patients also had many other conditions commonly seen in a physical therapy population; however, they were seeing me because of my program for osteoporosis. Focusing on the condition in this way allowed me to learn more about the condition than I would ever have had an opportunity otherwise. It was during this time that I further developed and refined my comprehensive management program (The Meeks Method.)  In clinical practice until late 2005, I continued to learn through my patients, my peers, and the research literature and am still doing so through my contacts with peers in my seminars and also through a telephone and personal consultation practice.  I bring to my courses this extensive experience and know that, although I have had a rather unique opportunity to learn about this devastating, epidemic and life-threatening condition, I still think that I know very little of what there is to know and am always learning. My intention in my seminars is to provide YOU with an opportunity to learn also and then, as you take this program into your own treatment setting, you can help me spread the word on S.A.F.E. and therapeutic movement for persons with osteoporosis.


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