This webinar will address the management of the patient with massive rotator cuff tear, including the post operative massive cuff repair as well as the inoperable massive cuff tear. Course participants will learn the most current literature surrounding the controversy about when and how much movement should be initiated in this challenging post operative rehab, and have a detailed review of the science behind tendon healing. They will receive post operative rehabilitation guidelines that are developed with consideration of the basic science of healing as well as sound clinical research. Additionally, participants will learn a novel method for improving function and reducing pain in the patient who has an irreparable massive rotator cuff tear. Case presentations will be delivered to illustrate clinical pearls.

Level of Instruction:  Intermediate

Course Objectives

  • Describe the structure of normal tendon, the healing phases following tendon repair, and the strength of the healing tendon repair at each phase of recovery
  • Identify factors that effect rehabilitation strategies and expected outcome following tendon repair
  • Utilize knowledge of tendon healing science to develop safe and appropriate rehabilitation practices following tendon repair
  • Describe conditions for and implications of the inoperable rotator cuff tear.
  • Develop rehab strategies for optimizing function in the shoulder with a massive inoperable rotator cuff tear based on evidence in literature as well as sound biomechanical principles of exercise progression.

Course Agenda

  • The Science Behind Tendon Healing as it Relates to Massive Rotator Cuff
  • Current Literature Review of Clinical Concepts: CPM, mobilization, sling wear
  • Rehabilitation Guidelines
  • Case Presentation
  • Rehabilitation for The Massive Inoperable Rotator Cuff Tear
  • Current Literature Review of Options
  • Exercise Regimen
  • Case Presentation
  • Q/A Session


  • June Kennedy PT, MSPT

June Kennedy, MS,PT is a senior level physical therapist at Duke Sports Medicine Physical Therapy with over 25 years of clinical experience. She specializes in surgical and non-operative care of shoulder patients and is an active member of the American Society of Shoulder and Elbow Therapists, also serving on the research committee of this organization. She reviews rehabilitation based articles for the Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery and lectures to the Duke surgery fellows annually on shoulder rehabilitation for adhesive capsulitis, shoulder instability, and total and reverse shoulder arthroplasty. Additionally June has served on the Review Panel for the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons for the development of Appropriate Utilization Criteria for surgical intervention on rotator cuff tears.


Contact Hours: 1.5

Price: $49


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