This course will present the latest research available to guide clinicians through the reasoning process for determining if a patient needs to be referred out for a radiographic evaluation. A review of evidence based guidelines as well as clinical predication rules are covered within the context of the physical therapists examination. Guidelines for interpreting the diagnostic utility of the rules for ordering radiographs will be covered including the clinician’s ability to recognize false-negative and false –positive rates associated with the rules. Lastly, cases will be presented at the onset of the course to stimulate critical thinking which will then be re-visited upon concluding the course to allow the clinician to synthesize and apply course content.

Level of Instruction:  Introduction


Course Objectives

  • Identify risk factors that increase an individual’s need for a radiograph
  • Identify variables that comprise the clinical prediction rules for ordering radiographs for the foot, ankle, knee, and cervical spine
  • Identify the merits and limitations of using clinical prediction rules in the physical therapy setting
  • Identify information presented in a case that would lead to a referral for a radiograph evaluation.

Course Agenda

  • Direct access, collaboration, risk management, and recent legislation
  • Case Studies
  • Risk factors for fracture and skeletal pathology
  • Guidelines and clinical prediction rules for radiographic evaluation
  • Interpretation of rules
  • Case Studies
  • Q/A Session and Adjourn


  • Dr. Morey J. Kolber, PT, PhD, OCS, Cert MDT

Dr. Morey J. Kolber, PT, PhD, OCS, Cert MDT, CSCS*D, is an associate professor in the physical therapy department at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale Florida where he teaches courses in orthopaedics and diagnostic imaging.  He has taught courses in radiographic imaging in the professional and post-graduate settings for well over 10-years throughout the United States. In addition to his academic appointment, Dr. Kolber is an active clinician serving as the Director of Physical Therapy for Boca Raton orthopaedic Group in Boca Raton, Florida. He holds a board certification in orthopaedics through the American Board of Physical Therapy Specialties and serves on the committee of content experts for the orthopaedic certification specialist examination. Dr. Kolber is currently the associate editor in chief for Strength and Conditioning Journal and North American Editor for Physical Therapy Reviews Journal.


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