The vestibular system allows us to see, with great detail, objects that are moving and/or when our head is moving.  So how do we improve hand-eye coordination in sports like boxing, tennis, baseball and golf?  Spins on a ball, velocity and placement are critical for improving performance and preventing injuries.  Balance and performance training is multifactorial and should address the vestibulo-oculomotor reflex (VOR), vestibular endorgans, and somatosensory processing, with attention to the posterior lateral hip muscles.  This webinar will be an overview of these areas with an emphasis on the ocular motor system considered by many to be the missing link in balance training of athletes.  Implementation of rehabilitation programs individualized according to evaluative findings will be reviewed and discussed

Level of Instruction:  Intermediate

Course Objectives

  • Demonstrate ocular motor testing in the assessment of vestibular system as it relates to vision and balance in the active patient.
  • Identify sports specific neuromuscular training concepts.
  • Identify the key structures of the ocular motor and somatosensory systems
  • Identify the importance and role of the posterior lateral hip muscles in testing and strength training
  • Identify the various ocular motor functions during the golf swing, tennis, and baseball.

Course Agenda

  • Structures of the oculomotor and omatosensory systems
  • The role of the posterior lateral hip muscles in testing and strength training
  • Ocular motor testing in the assessment of the vestibular system
  • Sports specific neuromuscular training concepts


  • Dr. Robert Donatelli, PT, PhD, OCS

Dr. Donatelli is a clinician, researcher, author, and educator and considered one of the leading experts in the treatment and prevention of upper and lower extremity injuries in the world.   Dr. Donatelli has an extensive list of accomplishments and titles within his profession, including national director of Sports Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Associates; personal physical therapist for Andy Roddick, ATP tour; physical therapist for the PGA Tour; consultant for the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers; and clinic director of an outpatient facility providing sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. Dr. Donatelli has rehabilitated numerous professional athletes and was the physical therapist for the Champions Tour of Tennis, which included tennis legends Jimmy Conners and John McEnroe. He is the editor of Physical Therapy of the Shoulder 4th Edition, Orthopedic Physical Therapy 3rd Edition, and Sports Specific Rehabilitation. Dr. Donatelli has taught orthopedic topics throughout the United States, and in Canada, England, Romania, Australia, Sweden, China, and more.


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