The lower kinetic chain is a series of bony segments and joints interconnected and inter-related by soft tissue, all of which function together in coordinated patterns to establish movement. The foot is the first thing to hit the ground. Torque conversion is necessary to reduce the micro trauma to the lower kinetic chain. This course reviews the mechanics of closed kinetic chain function during walking and running. The effects of each adjacent joint are discussed in relation to its specific contribution to kinetic chain function.  There will be a comprehensive review of foot mechanics as they relate to torque conversion and normal foot mechanics. Abnormal mechanics of the foot with emphasis to overuse injuries will be reviewed. The treatment of overuse injury to the lower kinetic chain will be discussed as it pertains to the hip and foot.

Level of Instruction:  Advanced

Course Objectives

  • Identify the inter-relationship of the entire closed kinetic chain between the foot/ankle and the CORE.
  • Identify the posture of the pelvis, hip, knee, foot and ankle during gait (walking and running)
  • Identify treatment approaches for overuse injuries of the hip, knee, ankle, and foot.
  • Discuss normal and abnormal mechanics of the, foot and ankle.
  • Outline foot orthotic strategies for mechanical ankle/foot dysfunctions.
  • Identify research studies that support the evidence basis of this course.

Course Agenda

  • Biomechanics of Ankle/Foot
  • Overuse Injuries and foot mechanics
  • Orthotics evaluation, static and dynamic gait analysis
  • Orthotics fabrication


  • Dr. Robert Donatelli, PT, PhD, OCS

Dr. Donatelli is a clinician, researcher, author, and educator and considered one of the leading experts in the treatment and prevention of upper and lower extremity injuries in the world.   Dr. Donatelli has an extensive list of accomplishments and titles within his profession, including national director of Sports Rehabilitation Physiotherapy Associates; personal physical therapist for Andy Roddick, ATP tour; physical therapist for the PGA Tour; consultant for the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers; and clinic director of an outpatient facility providing sports and orthopedic rehabilitation. Dr. Donatelli has rehabilitated numerous professional athletes and was the physical therapist for the Champions Tour of Tennis, which included tennis legends Jimmy Conners and John McEnroe. He is the editor of Physical Therapy of the Shoulder 4th Edition, Orthopedic Physical Therapy 3rd Edition, and Sports Specific Rehabilitation. Dr. Donatelli has taught orthopedic topics throughout the United States, and in Canada, England, Romania, Australia, Sweden, China, and more.


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